#PollutionHatao: 1000 and rising, Delhi’s deadly AQI needs a surgical strike on pollution

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    There is a clear and present danger and there is a need for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to call an urgent meeting of the Chief Ministers of all Northern states to take emergency measures to deal with the worst pollution crisis.

    He has taken the lead on many campaigns like Swacch Bharat and the Pollution Hatao campaign needs to be initiated urgently. We need measures on a war footing and in a bipartisan manner.

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    If the situation persists we run the risk of not only crippling an entire future generation breathing almost 44 cigarettes a day despite no fault of theirs. This will also retard PM Modi’s efforts to seek investment in India.

    Pollution may also lead to further brain drain from India with many preferring to move abroad than risk the long term impact of the pollution to their families. This will also have an economic impact and is not good for India’s global image.

    India has shown the resolve to deal with the crisis and we believe that we can do it this time as well, but this is no longer an issue that needs to be debated, the pollution emergency has posed a clear danger and requires a firm executive decision to deal with it.

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