Not in the name of a new India

    PM Narendra Modi’s message from Sabarmati Ashram should send a strong message to those indulging in cow vigilantism or violence of any kind. This is the basic idea of India of living in harmony and shunning those who thrive on hatred and fear.

    I have been speaking to a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle and opinion is divided, but I believe the PM’s strong message should set at rest any speculations that cow vigilantism was in any way supported by anyone in the ruling establishment.

    The PM’s strong words must be put into action. The Prime Minister’s Office must direct the state governments and a strong message must go out that such incidents should be sternly dealt with.

    For the votaries of Not in my Name, it would be naive to think that the PM’s statement came following a day long sit in.

    Clearly at a juncture when the PM has come back from a successful foreign visit he realises that having cohesion at home should be a priority.

    However, for now these may be isolated incidents. Failure to act against such hooligans can derail the development and economic agenda that the Prime Minister has brilliantly articulated. It also pulls down the gains in the international arena.

    For the pseudo-liberal brigade, there should not be any selective amnesia of lynch mobs of any kind. Condemnation must come for lynch mobs in Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal with a strong voice as that of any incident in Haryana or Uttar Pradesh.

    Ideological differences are bound to be there in a democracy like India but these can not derail the real agenda for a new India, that is based on democracy, freedom, equality, economic growth and equal opportunities.

    Young India deserves the opportunities of the future. While we should be mindful of sensitivities, every Indian, a beef hater or the eater, has equal rights to live and grow in a new India.