JNU is where you can be yourself

    JNU (file image)

    50 Years Ago JNU came into being. 11 reasons why JNU is so special!

    One, JNU is where you can be yourself irrespective of your background. Two, JNU is where India’s diversity begins to understand the power of democracy. Three, JNU is the nicest place 2 live as a community

    Fourth, JNU is nonviolent in letter and spirit
    Fifth, JNU is the most gender friendly space in the NCR
    Sixth JNU is a community, where you learn everyday from everyone. Seven JNU’s idealism remains intact even in dystopian times (recall the Emergency).

    Eight, JNU transforms you into a sensitive, upright citizen of India still concerned about those on the margins of the establishment’s concerns; Nine, JNU has the highest density of curious minds anywhere in the world..

    Within 100 metres of wherever you are in JNU, you will find someone willing to explore your most obscure query.

    Ten, JNU is still the most non-hierarchical institution of learning that I know. Finally, JNU is what every Institution in India should aspire to be

    (The author is a professor of International Relations at JNU and Melbourne. Views expressed are personal)

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