Age was just a number for a ‘zindadil’ Ram Jethmalani

    Ram Jethmalani was a jovial and a very lively person.

    Age never mattered to him. For him, his work and his interests were more beloved to him than his bodily shortcomings.


    Even with a knee cap replacement in both his knees, he never stopped playing badminton and playing a match of badminton with him was always a lively affair with his enthusiasm and full-of-life aura.

    He had a badminton court in his house that was built around 2004-05, and I have played with him regularly ever since, until four years ago.


    His expertise and knowledge in his profession was immense and thorough. He has helped many people in making a career out of their interest and studies in law.

    I have never seen a man so well-versed with what he does and the nuts and bolts of his work as I have seen Jethmalani.

    People from all across the country and its political parties needed him and approached him, owing to his immense knowledge, be it BJP, Congress, or anyone, he had admirers all across the parties.


    He had an impact in the field of politics as well, when he was a sitting member in the Rajya Sabha with RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) which moulded his political leaning, which was otherwise very neutral.

    He was originally an unbiased man in the political arena. At one point, he was ideologically opposed to Congress but never opposed the IDEA of Congress (“Congress se ek matbhedta thi, manbhedta kabhi nahi“).


    He was a man with a strong sense of hope and liveliness. He was always very optimistic and full of life. His age and bodily discomforts/weaknesses never stopped him from pursuing his interests and work. Even at such an old age, the age when many choose to stay bed-ridden or inactive, he was up and about, working or playing badminton, a sport he loved so much.

    He was very kind and helpful too. There was a boy named Karan, who used to play with him and had done his law degree as well. Jethmalani guided him as his junior, which gave  Karan a tremendous kick start in his profession, as a person working with Jethmalani has a different value altogether.

    That’s Jethmalani for you.

    (As told to Sakshi Srivastava, Associate News Editor)

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