China constructs nine buildings in Nepal’s Humla region without permission

China is taking expansion plans across it’s borders quite seriously. In a recent development, Nepal is facing China’s aggression, with nine buildings having been constructed in the Humla area. A recent inspection of the Lapcha-Limi region of Humla from August 30 to September 9 revealed that China has constructed nine buildings on the Nepali territory.

The inspection was carried out by Assistant Chief District Officer Dalbahadur Hamal of Humla when the revelation was made. The matter was first brought to notice by locals in the area after which CDO Hamal visited the area to take a look. Because of its remoteness from the district headquarters, the Lapcha-Lipu region does not enjoy the presence of state.

The nine buildings have been constructed by the Chinese without the Nepal’s consent or permission. These structures were secretly built and what is even more shocking is that local Nepali population has been stopped from entering the areas where the buildings have been constructed. All this was done without the knowledge of Nepal, until locals were not permitted in the area and informed the Nepalese authorities.

President of the local village council had gone on a visit to this territory and revealed that China soldiers had completed the building construction in the Limi village of Lapcha village. District authorities have already informed the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and the case has already been forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Nepal.

The local district administration is likely to visit the area again to re-access the situation.


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