How a Facebook alert and proactive Delhi cops saved a life

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With its proactive approach, Delhi Police has saved a man’s life when it received a call from a Facebook official, saying their systems have identified suicidal activity on one Facebook account belonging to a Delhi resident.

Around 7.51 pm on August 8, DCP, CyPAD, Delhi Police, Anyesh Roy, got an ISD call from an Ireland number. The Facebook official informed him about the suicidal activity on one Facebook account and she is sending the details on official email.

Without wasting a second, DCP/CyPAD checked his official mail and found one report from Facebook. It referred to an account of one Sumati Daas (name changed to hide identify) and provided the mobile number registered with Facebook.

Since calling the number directly could have triggered a panic response from a person who is already psychologically fragile, hence Roy decided to get the address and location of the phone user. Once he had the details which showed that phone address was of Mandawali, East Delhi, and its location was matching the address, he shared the details with DCP, East, Jasmeet Singh.

Acting with the utmost alacrity, DCP/East Delhi despatched the local police station staff to the identified address. Within minutes the team was at Sumati Daas’s door-steps and was much relieved to find her completely fine and oblivious of the inter-continental hue and cry that her Facebook account has caused.

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Sumati confirmed that the given phone number belongs to her but the Facebook account is used by her husband Rajesh (name changed to protect identity) who is presently in Mumbai. She told the local police that he had left 14 days ago after a fight and is presently working as a cook in a small Hotel. She gave her husband Rajesh’s mobile number but was not aware of his address in Mumbai.

DCP, East Delhi immediately shared the details back to DCP Roy. With the number coming as unreachable, DCP Roy got in touch with his counterpart in Mumbai, Bal Singh Rajput, and Rashmi Karandikar, DCP/Cyber.

With time running out, DCP Rashmi immediately got the details of the number and kept trying to connect with Rajesh. Her efforts paid off when Rajesh switched-on his phone briefly. She spoke with Rajesh, who was in a lot of psychological distress, and counselled him, while simultaneously dispatching the local police staff of Bhayandar area, a suburb of Mumbai.

Within minutes, the local police reached Rajesh’s place of stay and took charge of the situation. At the end of this inter-continental exercise involving multiple jurisdictions and some quick action on the part of officials involved, there was a man on the edge of the abyss, whose life was saved.

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