US observes highest COVID-19 surge with more than 50,000 cases

The United States has reported approximately 52,300 new coronavirus cases, according to the latest data collected by John Hopkins University on Thursday. This surpasses all its previous spikes till date. In the past one week, the tally of confirmed cases in the USA has been persistent with more than 40,000 cases each day.

Florida, California, Georgia, and other southern and western states have been observing a consistent spike in numbers. Administration and other concerned officials have been regularly coming out and addressing the citizens and urging them to ensure they follow guidelines and take precautionary measures.

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In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, on Thursday, issued a mandate asking people to wear masks in public and said that the only way to move ahead is by staying at home, and maintaining six feet distance when outside.

The fear grasped – USA, which has maintained its top position, with maximum number of COVID-19 patients, is witnessing officials contracting the virus too. As of Thursday, Former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has been hospitalized after testing positive for the Coronavirus, according to a statement posted on his Twitter handle. The news is alarming as Cain had also joined Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally two weeks ago.

Earlier this week, Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious-disease expert, speculated that if this condition continues to prevail, the country could soon have 1,00,000 cases per day.



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