US crosses the 40,000 daily COVID mark; experts concerned with the surge

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The US has observed more than 40,000 Covid-19 cases for the 6th consecutive day as on Wednesday. The daily Coronavirus positive cases tally crossed more than 45,000, as cases hit 46,853 mark, as per data from the John Hopkins University COVID tracker. This has been the sixth consecutive day when the USA has observed the 40,000 cases spike in a day.

Many states in the country are rethinking their decisions to open up, since the number of cases have been surging upwards. This has concerned national and global experts too. Even top US researcher, Anthony Fauci, suggested that the US is going in the ‘wrong direction’.

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The WHO has warned countries reeling from yet another wave of the deadly virus. Most of the top COVID-19 hit states in the country have observed the cases rising after they have lifted all the restrictions, post the lockdowns.

The surge reflects that people in the US are not adopting precautionary measures properly. The significant rise in the numbers had happened a few weeks after the lockdown was uplifted, this is because it takes some time for an infected person to show symptoms.
Till now as per John Hopkins University, the US has recorded at least 2.6 million coronavirus cases and over 1,28,000 deaths. Looking at the rising numbers, there are no visible signs of the curve flattening soon.


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