#BoycottNetflix trends as cyber crime complaint filed against a latest release

Controversies sell films big time when they have a theatrical release, especially, when those controversies are related to religious and caste sentiments. The latest piece of cinema to land amidst these controversies is a Telugu Netflix rom-com ‘Krishna And His Leela‘.

The film has relatively done well on the online platform & even featured in Netflix India’s Top 10 trending after the day of its release. The makers, including Rana Dagubatti are happy with the way the things are progressing around the film.

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On the other side, the film sparked a new controversy around the movie. As per the latest reports, the lead is depicted as Hindu God Krishna having multiple affairs & intimate scenes in the film.

Moreover, one person has anonymously filed a Cyber Crime Complaint on the above-said film for using the names of Hindu gods for the lead actors and portraying the sexual life, physical relationships and affairs of those characters. He also questioned, “Would you dare to show the gods or characters based on gods of other religions having sex and affairs? What was the compulsion behind the religious background?” Rakesh added that merely boycotting the movie isn’t enough and people need to file complaints.

More netizens expressed their perspective over the movie & how it’s offensive to the polytheistic Hindu religion.


Hindu Jagruti Org even targetted netflix series’ like Sacred games, Ghoul & Leila.


Netflix has been a source of many controversies in India, mainly on the same lines as above. Nonetheless, controversies act as boosters for minting money and this controversy would most probably grab more eyeballs to the movie.


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