Not only India, but China is also irking other neighbors

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Profess bonhomie, talk bilateral ties, but work overtime to break India. That seems to be at the bottom line of China’s India policy. A fact amplified once again by its misadventure at Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh on Monday night,leading to a violent face-off between Indian and Chinese troops inflicting heavy casualties on both sides. The skirmish has left at least 43 Chinese soldiers dead. Twenty Indian soldiers have been martyred.

But behind this planned misadventure on China’s part lies a larger game plan. Cornered on the world stage for misleading other nations on the origin and outbreak of COVID-19, China has conveniently shifted the focus to the border along the LAC, offered tacit support to Nepal over its new political map which includes parts of India’s territory and even offered to pay salaries of teachers who coach Nepalaese children in Chinese.

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Posted by NewsMobile on Tuesday, 16 June 2020

But India isn’t the only country China has been trying to prick constantly. From Japan to Taiwan, Malaysia to Indonesia, Chinese have been working behind the scenes to foment trouble.

From intrusion in the Senkaku islands in Japan or violating Taiwan’s airspace restrictions to pressurizing Malaysia and Indonesia in the South China Sea, China has exposed its bullying tactics over and over again.

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Consecutively on Tuesday and Wedenesday, For the fourth time now, Taiwan air force jets drove away an intruding Chinese fighter jet, which had entered its air defense identification zone. It was reported to be the third intrusion in a week. Despite several radio warnings given to the J-10 fighter jet of China, it had to be driven away by the Taiwanese air force.

On May 8, two China coast guard ships entered into waters of the Japanese Senkaku islands and pursued a Japanese fishing boat that was working in that area.The Japanese coast guard stepped in and warned the Chinese coast guard vessel to leave its waters. Despite the warning, Chinese ships held their ground and moved out only on May10 .

In another incident that occurred earlier last month, Chinese ships were involved in a face-off with Malaysian vessels near the island of Borneo on the South China sea. Chinese monitoring vessels started scanning the areas which were used by Malaysian drillships to search for resources. This led Malaysia to deploy naval vessels backed by the US, in the region forcing Beijing to move out.

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