Football Restarts: How Covid-19 changed the entire paradigm

There’s quite a palpable sense of excitement amongst football fans as the major leagues are set to restart after a long haul. Although, the whole scenario will change quite drastically as the action resumes after COVID having hit the world.
The clubs have agreed upon a set of rules & regulations which are to be strictly followed over the course of the season.
Let’s take a look at some key changes that the football world will have to foresee due to the ongoing pandemic.
– The biggest let off for fans will be, that the matches will be played behind closed doors.  
– Each player, coach and member of essential staff, including the medical personnel will have to fill out a screening questionnaire and pass through a temperature check when they arrive at the stadium.

-Clinical passports will have to be presented as well which will take the form of a barcode which will then be scanned to ascertain their Covid-19 status.
– Only if the players have tested negative for Covid-19 in the last five days, will they be allowed to enter. Players will have to maintain 2-metre physical distance and good hygiene is also mandatory.
-Larger rooms like hospitality suites will substitute changing rooms to ensure that players follow distancing norms . Teams won’t be allowed to enter the field side-by-side and may enter via different gates.
-Handshaking will be banned, with spitting and the clearing of nostrils also prohibited. Players will use their own drink bottles during water breaks and will be required to apply hand sanitiser everytime they enter and leave the pitch.
-Although it’s not compulsory for the players to wear masks but they have the choice to wear it on the field & at the substitute bench.
-Post match interviews & Press conferences may be held via Zoom.
– Although this situation is not anticipated, if a player falls ill at the stadium, they’ll be sent home immediately and will have to self isolate for the time being. The ongoing match will most likely go ahead but will depend immensely on the intensity of the situation.


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