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As the world grapples with the rapid spread of COVID-19 and complete lockdowns, escaping negativity becomes even more challenging.

We, at NewsMobile, believe in the power of positivity. And to carry that belief forward, we’ll be bringing you stories that shine like rays of hope in times as gloomy as these.

Here’s NewsMobile Positive Pulse–a daily reminder that every cloud has a silver lining.

Here is the positive outlook for the day!

NewsMobile Think Positive!


+ Delhi cop recovers from COVID-19, rejoins duty- our national symbol of strength, our frontline warriors!

A Delhi police constable who had contracted the coronavirus last month, has recovered from the infection.

As per an official release, the constable was discharged from Apollo Hospital after he tested negative for the infection twice in a row.

The cop posted at PP Sriniwaspuri was deployed at Okhla mandi for crowd control and for maintaining social distancing during the lockdown. On April 25, he himself was found COVID-19 positive.

After getting discharged, the constable rejoined duty today and received a warm welcome from his colleagues at the police station.

+ Welcome back home!


+ The real definition of ‘satisfying video’! The water represents social distancing and self-discipline.

+ My Mother My Hero! Mother’s Day is just around the corner- and it’s a day for our domestic warriors, our maternal shields!


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