The Best Baccarat Related Movies On The Market  

We all know the simple yet exciting game of baccarat. It is one of the most popular and widely played card games in the world. It’s also one of the most played card games in the gambling community. It was no doubt that the game would make its way into pop culture. It had been featured in a plethora of box office hit movies. Between the 60s and the 90s, Baccarat was one of the biggest features in several blockbuster movies. Anyone from popular actors to musicians try their hands on the game and can even be spotted once in a while in countless casinos all over the world wagering chunks of their fortunes on it.

Considering it’s not the easiest of tasks to go to a casino to try the game out, one can enjoy watching the game being played on the following movies, or even learn more about it and try out the game virtually on Baccarat India.

A Hard Day’s Night

This 60s film provided a leading role to Baccarat in the tale which starred the iconic supergroup, The Beatles. The film explains the game in great depth and highlights the Beatles who came from their hometown Liverpool to play at a London concert. The film is focused on a particular dilemma the band had to tackle and eventually solve to finish the performance successfully. Baccarat is brought into the plot by the grandfather of a member who has had a weakness for Baccarat. The elderly man, being a novice in the game did not even realize the difference between Bingo and Banco. He goes on to play hand after hand after downing a large amount of alcohol. The movie is an overall great starter for people who want to watch a classic baccarat comedy movie which has scenes that will leave you in deep laughter.

Agent 007: Casino Royale

Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond stories, had a deep passion for gambling and an even deeper love for the game of Baccarat. Having spent a large number of hours of playing time in local casinos, he got inspired to write spy movies from the players he had seen. Later the influence went on to construct one of Hollywood’s most famous film characters. James Bond generally enjoys playing specifically two casino games- Roulette and Baccarat. He was seen playing Baccarat in many of his movies, such as GoldenEye, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only and Dr. No in 1958.

Rush Hour 3

Another avid fan of the beloved game of Baccarat is Jackie Chan. The movie star/stunt man is constantly seen playing at renowned casinos all around the world. Known for his dangerous stunts in movies, Jackie chan might have taken up his passion for the game from the movie Rush Hour III. In the popular comedy movie, Jackie Chan plays together with Chris Tucker, where both of them are cops. In the third part of the movie, Chris Tucker comes on screen and plays baccarat to impress a fine looking lady, even though he didn’t even know how to play. The first hand dealt to him was three kings, and Tucker had thought he had won, when in reality, he was dealt the worst possible card combination and lost. There’s plenty more funny scenes to watch in the rest of the movie and if you haven’t watched it yet you’re missing out.


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