COVID-19 | Indore driver made to do sit ups for taking supercar out during lockdown

A video of a man, who was seen riding his luxury car on the streets of Indore, has gone viral where-in he was punished by the members of the city’s security council.

The man who appeared to be cruising through the streets of the city in his Porsche two-seater during coronavirus lockdown, was flagged down at the Bapat intersection by a member of the Municipal Security Committee.

The man was then made to do sit-ups by a council member after getting out of the car. A video of the entire incident shot on a mobile phone has surfaced on social media, in which the man is seen holding his ears and doing sit-ups while a member of the security council, dressed in black and donning a mask looks on.

Following this, Sanskar Daryani, son of city-based industrialist Deepak Daryani, put out a video message in which he alleged that despite possessing a curfew pass he was stopped by Municipal Security Committee member who did not give him a hearing even once.


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Hello [email protected] I would like to share a incidence which happened with me today with a NAGAR SURAKSHA SAMITI. I was going with my Car which is a sports car “Porsche” and i was all alone inside in a two seater car, as after seeing that i was stopped at a square in indore by NAGAR SURAKSHA SAMITI guy and asked in ill mannered way to park the car aside. i silently parked their and after seeing the car his tone changed which was too rude and i was able to feel that his duty frustration was coming out me. I wasn’t wearing my masks inside the car because i was all alone. His words were “AMBANI KE BAAP KI AULAD HAI KYA. YAHAN KHADE HO AUR UTHAK BEAITHAK LAGA”. I showed him my pass which was with a scele sign of BADGANGA POLICE STATION but he asked me to throw aside. He started SHOWING me his stick with no reason and making videos and laughing with his team. I would like to inform you all that we were supporting this lockdown by distributing more than 10,000 packets to nagar nigam daily also distributing late night TEA to all the officers and Cops who are working day and night for us, but if we will get this type of tone and things then i am sorry to say that they don’t deserve this. Their way of talking was better than a illiterate kid. Stopping people by abusing is not a duty, its called HOOLIGANISM. • • • • • Dm your observations⚛️ • Get featured on our page✌️ • Follow @chakindori • Hashtag―#chakindori , #chaktalent , #chaknews • #indorenews #indorigram

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As per sources close to Daryani, he and his family were distributing food packets everyday to daily wage workers. He was returning from his factory at the time of the incident.

“I was returning home from company when I was stopped. I showed them my pass but they verbally abused me and asked me to do sit-ups. I tried to talk to them but they didn’t listen. I then followed their orders. They filmed it,cracked jokes & then asked me to leave”, he told ANI news agency.

As per the sources, he removed the mask when in his car as he wore glasses and a mask over them ‘would cause distraction while driving’.

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