Amitabh Bachchan reveals he almost believed his ‘blindness is on its way’

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Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan has expressed concern over the condition of his vision. The veteran actor is afraid that he might just turn blind.

Big B, however, expressed his worry over losing his vision in a recent blog post.

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He wrote, “The eyes they see blurred images .. the vision reads double and for some days now I reconciled myself to the fact that blindness is on its way, to add to the million other medical problems that invest in me…(sic).”

Remembering his mother Teji Bachchan and how she used to comfort his eyes, Amitabh wrote, “But then…today…thought of those early years when Ma used to take the edge of the sari, the ‘pallu’, make a soft round ball with it, blow into it to make it warm and place it on the eye .. and BAM! problem solved…(sic).”


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Mothers love when I returned home after my Coolie accident from Breach Candy Hospital

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However, his doctor has reassured him that he is not going blind.

“So followed that .. hot watered a hand towel and placed it on the eyes .. spoke to the doc and followed his instruction of putting in prescribed eye drops every hour .. reassured me that I was not going blind – that there was far too much time being spent in front of the computer .. the eyes were tired .. that’s all…(sic),” Big B further wrote.

“And YES…that old Mother’s technology worked…(sic),” he added.

Earlier in 2015, Amitabh Bachchan featured in an UNICEF awareness video and revealed that his liver is damaged and he is surviving on 25 per cent of it.

In the clip, Big B shared that after suffering from an accident on the sets of his 1983 film Coolie, he required 60 bottles of blood. One sample among those bottles was infected with Hepatitis-B and got mixed in his blood during the operation.

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