COVID-19 | Indians show solidarity; light diyas, candles to spread the message of hope

In a show of solidarity with fellow countrymen, people across India came together Sunday evening and lit candles, earthen lamps (diyas), torches and mobile phone flashlights to spread the message of hope and light in India’s battle against the novel coronavirus.

Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call, people in India switched off the lights in their homes at 9 pm and then lit candles and diyas and shone torches and cellphone flashlights to send out a message to Indians that they were together in this fight against COVID-19 and that no one is alone in it.

In many parts, people burst crackers and played shankh (conch shell), rang bells, and played Gayatri Mantra too.

The symbolism of the move was well appreciated by people across India with reports coming in that in many places, people started lighting up diyas and candles much before the appointed hour.

Here’s how people supported PM Modi’s initiative:

Dwarka, Delhi

On April 3, Prime Minister Modi had addressed the nation and asked people to show their solidarity during the coronavirus outbreak on April 5, Sunday, at 9 pm for 9 minutes by lighting candles and diyas or by switching on their mobile phone flashlights.

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