COVID-19: How virus scare is changing habits globally

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A study conducted by the University of Southern California has revealed that less than 7% of the US population wears masks, after the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus.

The survey which was conducted with the sample size of 2000 people also found that over 85% of the people used soaps and hand sanitizers and only 61% of the people practiced some form of social distancing.

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The study sought to study the effects of this China originated virus on human behaviour and other social activities.

In what came as a surprise in the face of massive lockdowns, the report revealed that only 25% of the people surveyed avoided restaurants and only 22% of the people stockpiled water and food, amidst reports of shortages.

The world is also moving online as cities shut down. This is evident from e-commerce giant Amazon hiring more personnel, as orders increase across the world.

The report assumes significance as the US is grappling with the negative consequences of this virus, even as Secretary of Finance Steve Mulchin on Wednesday will be presenting to the Senate, a USD 850 billion fiscal stimulus plan for its consideration.


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