COVID-19: In times of despair these countries test negative for virus

There is hope in times of despair. As of March 17, as many as 11 nations have not tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

The virus has infected more than 1.83 Lakh people across 140 nations and the spread of the virus is just not getting curtailed.

Many cities and nations across the world are facing a complete shutdown.

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In times such as this, any news can be considered to be positive news. The following nations have tested negative:

1. Republic of Palau

2. Tongo

3. Solomon Islands

4. People’s Democratic Republic of Laos

5. Marshall Islands

6. Fiji

7. Barbados

8. Syria

9. Botswana


11. Angola

These nations definitely offer a sense of hope at a time when the entire world is struggling to tackle this virus.

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