Trump’s day out- what you missed!

As US President Donald Trump’s first day in India came to an end, with an eventful line up that started in Ahmedabad and ended at the Presidential Suite of the Maurya Shereton, it definitely notched up the zeal and energy levels across the entire country.

From an action packed stadium at Motera to the charkha at Sabarmati, to the envious photo session with the Taj in the backdrop go the bonhomie that President Trump and PM Modi shared; NamasteTrump will be an event that will be remembered for years to come.

But, apart from the given, there were some others reasons that surely hit the headlines. Whether they inspire social media memes or stories – we don’t know – but the buzz was definitely created!

Let’s look at some of them-


All eyes were at the Airforce One when the gates opened. From Ivanka Trump’s flower printed dress that was vivacious and sprightly to Melania Trump’s no-nonsense, elegant jumpsuit with a woven silk sash – the Trumps were bang on.

But the highlight certainly was the yellow tie, that brought on the shades of spring along with it, in full swing. It’s the fashion statement for this season, folks!

The Hug-

This could easily go down the annals in a golden frame. The affable hug when two close friends meet, was fully defined here. And the ‘hand that went right inside the jacket’ – well, it did make the headlines!

Video Chat-

Ivanka Trump was totally caught on camera as she seemed to have a video conference chat with someone at the Taj. Was it the kids, a friend or one of her brothers – we couldn’t ascertain. But the zest with which she showed the Taj, did win our hearts.


Mahatma Gandhi must’ve smiled in heaven, when President Trump sat down to try his hands at the charkha in Sabarmati.

He was inquisitive and the smiles of the staff was evidence enough that they were enjoying the company of this ‘famous’ student.

The Beast-

If it were the Trumps who caught everyone’s rapt attention, another head-turner was certainly the Beast or the official car of the President, that was flown in especially from the US. The svelte, jet black beauty made every Indian drool in awe!

Selfie Time-

Whether it was Ivanka taking selfies at the Motera stadium or the staff at the Taj, who wanted their moment with Trump to be captured permanently; the mobile cameras stole the show today.

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