India displays Anti-Satellite Missile during R-DAY parade; here is all you need to know

Amongst others, Republic Day 2020 celebrations at the Rajpath saw for the first time ever, the public display of the Anti- Satellite Missile (ASAT).

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) had successfully test fired it in March 2019.

1. What is an ASAT missile?

It is a missile or other devices designed to destroy hostile space assets, military or civilian, offensive or defensive.

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2. Types

There are two types: kinetic and non-kinetic. The former kind involves an active missile or a satellite which is used to target hostile targets.

For example, a simple communication satellite can be used to effectively bring down, a target.

A non-kinetic kind involves bring down a hostile object from space without launching a device. This can be done through either jamming and manipulating with the cyber systems involved or even blinding the device using lasers.

3. Mission Shakti test

In March 2019, the DRDO had launched the Ballistic Missile Defence Interceptor test. This was a three-stage rocket. The first two stages used the solid propellant.

The test was carried out, this led to objections from certain agencies in the US, but the Pentagon was firm that it was an act of sovereignty.
India is the fourth nation after US, Russia and China to possess a ASAT missile.

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