Bengaluru: Police launches QR app-based beat system

Bengaluru City Police

Bengaluru: The south east division of the Bengaluru police has recently launched an app based QR (quick response) code beat system that hopes to make the beat system more effective. This is being seen as a move to boost governance and policing through technology.

Under the old system, the police had log in their movements on swiping machines installed at strategic locations in their jurisdictions.

In the new system, QR codes have been placed at strategic locations within the jurisdiction, the police can scan the code using their mobile phone app and this will then ensure that they have logged in and have commenced their beat functions.

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The supervisory officer will immediately be notified and will also be able to track their movements and will able to chat with them to issue directives.

The tracking of moment is done through the GPS facility that is inbuilt within the app.

The app will also enable the beat constables to register their observations and complaints that they may come across during their beat. This can then be investigated by the supervising officer.

In the old system, it was tough for the Inspector to track the moment of all personnel involved in the beat system. Now it is a simple procedure.

A unique feature of this app is that residents can also get involved. They will be notified of the beat personnel who log in and will be notified when the move to the locality.

The Bengaluru police hopes to enhance its policing services with this technological intervention.

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