Here are ways to cope with negative news in media

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In a world of chaos and negative news all around us – from televisions at our homes to the smartphones in our hands, we are constantly being exposed to news that can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

While it is imperative to keep informed, studies show that the recent changes to the way everyone receives news, along with the style of news that dominates today, continued exposure to negative ‘bad’ news could be detrimental to our general mental and physical health.

The list below highlights five simple ways you can keep your mind healthy and cope with negative news while still staying informed.

Look out for positive news

For every terrible, negative thing happening out in the world, there are always going to be some heartwarming stories.

Seeking out these stories once in a while will not only help you keep a positive outlook on life, but also perhaps inspire you and regain some faith in humanity. So, watch a funny video from time to time, or read about the people who are making a difference and doing actual good in the world.

Seek healthy distractions

With continuously being exposed to negative news, it is essential to occupy yourself in healthy activities and divert your attention away from the news.

These healthy distractions can range from a quick work out at the gym to meditation, to listening to music, dancing, getting out in the nature, writing, playing a sport or pursuing other activities that you are passionate about.

Get Involved

If there is a particular story or cause close to your heart, then get involved or donate.

Find a organization or a group that is fighting for the same cause, get involved with them and see where you can make a difference. Now, this would not solve the actual problem, but it will help you from feeling completely powerless.

Take a break from Social Media

To find a healthy balance between keeping aware and not making it mentally taxing, taking a break from your phone or social media once in a while can be extremely helpful, especially because most of the news is consumed on our phones.

To do this, you can turn off notifications in your settings or keep your phone at a distance if you working. This will not increase your productivity, but also slow down the rate at which you consume news.

Reach out and talk

When you are feeling completely overwhelmed with negativity, it is essential to lean on the people you trust.

Talking about your feelings will help you get things off your chest and can help you feel better.

(With Inputs from Vrinda Batra)

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