Militant group supporters attempt to storm US Embassy in Iraq

US Embassy, Baghdad

Angry supporters tried storming the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq on Tuesday, protesting against the US air strikes on the Kataeb Hezbollah group, supported by Iran.

These supporters of the banned terror group gathered at the high security area of the capital after offering funeral prayers for those who had died in the air strikes that were conducted last Sunday in Iraq and Syria.

The Embassy was reportedly safe; however, the protesters vandalised the property and raised slogans against the Americans.

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The protesters also unsuccessfully tried scaling the wall of the Embassy and the guards were seen retreating inside.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that these attacks were in response to a rocket attack that killed an American contractor working in Iraq. He had vowed to punish the Iranians for their misadventure.

In a televised cabinet meeting, Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Mahdi was seen explaining to his Cabinet that he had tried convincing the Americans against the air strikes but the US officials were keen to still go ahead with it.

The militant group has issued a statement that they will seek revenge and attack American targets in Iraq.

This is expected to affect American interests in the region.

Iraq has seen violent protests and political instability in the last few months even as the economy has suffered and political corruption has led to disillusionment in the minds of the youth.

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