UK Elections: Boris Johnson secures a comfortable majority, Conservatives set to return

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Boris Johnson (File image)

In the UK elections, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives Party on Friday have secured a majority in the House of Commons after winning 361 out of the 645 seats for which the results have been declared. The total strength of the House of Commons is 650.

A victory for Johnson and the Conservatives means that they will plough forward with the Brexit, dashing all chances of a second referendum of remaining in the European Union. And by January, one of the prominent partners in one of Europe’s postwar political and trade bloc will go its own way. Efforts to trigger Article 50 of the European Union Charter will begin immediately once the House reconvenes. This Article enables the nation to pull out of the European bloc.

The Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn has managed to secure only 203 seats.

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Other parties have secured the following number of seats:

Scottish National Party- 48 seats and

The Liberal Democrats-11 seats.

Known to be a vocal supporter of India and an advocate of closer India-Britain ties, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hope to conclude an early trade agreement with India, a major economic partner of the UK, once BREXIT concludes. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Johnson for his victory. He tweeted expressing the hope that the two countries can work closer on many issues of mutual interest.

Among the key candidates,

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has conceded defeat in East Dunbartonshire.

Prime Minister Boris Jonhson won the Uxbridge seat and increased his tally and percentage of votes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn managed to retain his constituency of Islington North. He has however, resigned as the leader of the Labour party.

Home Secretary Priti Patel considered to be a close friend of India and a supporter of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won from the Witham constituency. She has been winning constantly from this constituency since 2010.

Labour candidate Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi has won from the Slough constituency.

Britain has faced an uncertain political future in recent times with fractured mandates being the rule rather than an exception. This decisive victory will definitely provide the nation, an opportunity to get its house in order and improve the economy, recruitment of security forces to better the law and order situation amongst other priorities.

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