The woman in this viral video is not the Hyderabad rape victim; here’s the fact check

A video of a woman receiving an award is going viral on social media. The claim implies that the woman in the viral video is the Hyderabad gang-rape victim who was being awarded by the Government of India for her research and work in this field.

” हैदराबाद कांड में दिव्या रेड्डी का देवलोकगमन होना केवल एक डॉ. का अंत नही बल्कि शासन द्वारा पुरस्कृत एक वेटेरनरी साइंटिस्ट और रीसर्चर हवस के भेट चढ़ गया। यह पूरी दुनिया के लिए महान क्षति है।👇🏿”the teaxt read. 

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NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video and found the claim to be false.

In the video, the woman has been introduced as Dr Allola Divya Reddy. So, we searched on YouTube with relevant keywords and found the video uploaded by a YouTube channel Klimom on June 2, 2018.

“Allola Divya Reddy | National Gopal Ratna Award 2018 Winner | Desi Gaushala | Klimom” –  the video title read.

Dr Reddy is the founder of Hyderabad-based company, Klimom which manufactures and sells indigenous cow milk and various products made from it.

In an article published in the Deccan Chronicle on April 10, 2019, Divya Reddy is said to be 35-year-old whereas the Hyderabad rape victim was 26-years-old.

Moreover, the name of the rape victim, which cannot be cited due to legal reasons, was not Divya.

The above information proves that the claim attached to the viral video is false.

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