Formation of a new nation different from operating a website regarding the same: MEA on Nithyananda

Rape accused, self-styled godman Nithyananda flees India to build a 'nation' of his own!

In the latest development in the claims of a new nation set up by self- styled godman Nithyananda, an accused in a rape case lodged in the state of Gujarat, the Ministry of External Affairs rubbished the claim of a new nation named Kailaasa, off the coast of Ecuador.

On being questioned about the formation of a new nation named Kailaasa, MEA Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that establishment of a state under international law is very different from forming a website and virtually operating it.

“We have cancelled his passport and rejected his application for new one. We’ve sensitized all our missions &posts that this man is wanted in several cases of crime. We have asked our missions to sensitize the local government,” the spokesperson added.

He was issued a passport in October 2008 and this was cancelled before its expiry period. His subsequent request to apply for a new passport was denied.

He also said that the Ministry has never stated that he was in Ecuador.

Press release from the Embassy of Ecuador, New Delhi.

In this regard, the Embassy of Ecuador in New Delhi has issued a detailed statement regarding the issue. They said the following:

“The Embassy of Ecuador categorically denies the statement, wherever published, that self-styled Guru Nithyananda was given asylum by Ecuador or has been helped by the government of Ecuador in purchasing any land or island in South America near or far from Ecuador. Morever, Ecuador denied the request for international personal protection (refuge) made by Mr Nithyananda before Ecuador and later on, Mr. Nithyananda left Ecuador presumably on his way to Haiti.
All the information, whatever, which is published in digital and print media in India, is based on the information which allegedly has been sourced from, a website which is supposedly maintained by Mr Nithyananda or by his people, henceforth all digital or print media houses should refrain from citing Ecuador in any form in all pieces of information related to Mr Nithyananda”.

The matter is being followed closely and all efforts are being taken to trace the accused god man and bring him back to India to face the law.

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