Hong Kong fights back brutal Chinese crackdown; seeks more freedom

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The protesters in the Asian financial hub of Kong Kong will be organizing three protests today against the brutal Chinese crackdown and use of tear gas shells that have harmed peaceful demonstrations.

The authorities have given the permission to take out these rallies.

These protests are being carried out from the business districts to the government head quarters.

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The law enforcement agencies have fired more than 10,000 tear gas shells since the beginning of the protests from June 2019.

The protesters are complaining that this harms the health of the residents and is an unhealth method of addressing civic protests. They are of the opinion that the government should be more democratic and hold a sincere dialogue with various civil society groups.

It was only last week that the pro- democracy candidates won the elections to the district councils. The government supported candidates were reduced to a minority.

The police intensified their crackdown last week by storming the polytechnic university and arresting more that 1100 people.

The protesters have vowed to continue with the protests till the time the authorities in the mainland have addressed their concerns related to erosion of autonomy, flooding of goods from the mainland, ill treatment of the residents etc.

The island city enjoys a degree of autonomy as opposed to other Chinese provinces ever since it was handed over to the Chinese in 1997. It was a British colony before that.

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