‘Rajya Sabha is the second house, not a secondary house’, PM Modi addresses 250th session of the upper house

PM addressing the Rajya Sabha on its 250th session

As the winter session of the parliament has commenced from Monday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the Rajya Sabha on its 250th session.

Here are the key highlights of the PM’s speech in the Rajya Sabha:

1. The makers of the constitution envisioned a Bicameral legislative framework and this has enriched our democracy.

2. Two things stand out about the Rajya Sabha: it is permanent or eternal and it is representative of India’s diversity. It gives importance to the federal structure of India.

3. Rajya Sabha has given an opportunity to those away from electoral politics to contribute to the nation and its development.

4. Who can forget that it was through the Rajya Sabha that stalwarts like Dr BR Ambedkar could contribute more to the nation’s progress.

5. Rajya Sabha has risen on many occasions and contributed to the nation’s development. No one thought the Triple Talaq bill could be passed through this house, but it did. The reality of GST too happened through this house.

6. The constitution enables us to not only work towards a welfare state but also the welfare of the states. Rajya Sabha enables us to further the spirit of cooperative federalism.

7. Rajya Sabha has also worked towards ensuring the unity of the nation. Laws related to abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, the house played a critical role in it.

8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said that the house is a second house and not a secondary house. I agree with the views and add that it must be a vibrant and supportive house for national progress.

9. The house is about Checks and balances. This is absolutely a must in a democracy. Debates have to be a part of the process, but there is a difference between checking and clogging; balance and blocking.

10. I appreciate the NCP and BJD. They have never rushed to the well of the house, yet have effectively made their points. There is a lot to learn from them.

The Prime Minister has provided the much-needed clarity on the role of the Rajya Sabha and its importance.

The House of Elders has played an important role throughout history and continues to enrich Indian democracy.

Article 79 of the Indian Constitution envisages a bicameral legislature at the Union level and establishes the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and the Lok Sabha (House of the people and the lower house of the parliament).

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