Need a break from Delhi pollution? Head to these beautiful hill stations for fresh air

Need a break from Delhi pollution? Head to these beautiful hill stations for fresh air

With pollution levels going upwards every day, most people would want to move out of Delhi NCR region and get to places that can help them breathe fresh air.
Here are some hill stations that not only promise clean and fresh air but also serene, idyllic and natural surroundings.

They are also up north so not very difficult to get from Delhi region.

Pangi area of Kannaur district

This is a hill station bestowed with all the natural bounties that nature can give. It is within the 400 kms radar and easy to get to from Delhi. Perched at a height of 220 m above the sea level, the picturesque hill town has a number of attractions. Visit the famous Jakhoo temple – an ancient temple of Lord Hanuman consisting of his footprints. Also, on the list should be Christ Church – the second oldest church in North India, Chadwick Falls – flowing from a height of 1586 m among others. Go for trekking in the afternoons and carry warm clothes for the evenings.

This is a scenic colonial hill station founded by the British in the year 1842. It is resplendent with greenery, natural beauty and lovely weather. Breathe in the fresh air of Kasauli which is rich in flora and fauna. Take a leisurely walk at the Mall and see the beautiful sunset views.
Indulge in the Tibetan food and culture that is so visible here.

McLeod Ganj
Also known as the ‘Little Lhasa’ owing to its huge Tibetan population, McLeod Ganj is the seat of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Named after Donald McLeod, the then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, this lovely place is now center of Tibetan culture and Buddhism. A relaxed, quaint place to enjoy a getaway from the pollution, traffic and run of big cities. Known for a place where you can madidate, pursue courses in Buddhism or go for trekking in their gorgeous terrain.

The several monasteries, mesmerizing landscape an dof course the warm people make it an ideal spot.

The summer resort of the then Maharaja of Patiala, Chail is a serene hill town of Himachal Pradesh, which lies at an altitude of 2250 m above the sea level. Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala, chose Chail as his summer resort when he was expelled from Shimla during the British Raj. Thick deodar trees, serene ambience and the hilly terrain, make it a perfect destination to get away from the dust of Delhi.

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Chail along with Shimla and Kufri makes for the Golden Triangle Tour of Himachal Pradesh. Enjoy trekking, hiking, nature walk and horse riding here.

Known as the ‘Queen’s Meadow’, Ranikhet enjoys bountiful of natural beauty. Situated at a height of 1829m above sea level, the hill station is a rare combination of beauty, natural surroundings and exotic landscapes. It is bestowed with exotic wildlife, flora, cool mountain breeze and lush green forests.


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