Hong Kong’s controversial extradition law withdrawn, protests to continue

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Hong Kong: Police use tear gas at protesters as violence breaks out at Yuen Long

Hong Kong’s legislators have withdrawn the controversial extradition law which would have permitted the residents of Hong Kong to be extradited and tried for offences in Mainland China, Macau and even Taiwan.

This bill had been introduced in April. A man wanted for murder in Taiwan couldn’t be extradited in the absence of an extradition treaty between the two nations. The bill became hotly contested as protesters brought the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong to a stand- still.

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Meanwhile, the protesters have refused to withdraw the protests and sit downs as only one out of the 5 conditions laid down have been met according to them.

The other conditions include: for the current protests not to be categorized as a riot, amnesty for arrested protesters, an independent inquiry into police brutalities and implementation of complete universal suffrage.

The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong has shared an uneasy relationship with China after being handed over back to the latter by Britain.

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