Weekend special: Bond & groove to the beat of music in a unique family event in Gurgaon

This weekend, indulge in a one of its kinds event that will enthrall the entire family in one go.
Bored of going to malls, movies and restaurants over weekends? Then step out for this event which brings the whole family together for some constructive utilisation of time.

Groove Gully is the first of its kind family bonding platform that brings families together over music. They have a consortium of music festivals; workshops and a unique concept called a ‘travelling museum of music’. The Groove Gully Music festival is unique because it is at the intersection of Music, Socio Emotional Learning, Neuroscience and Parenting. The festival provides families a safe space to experience live music whether it be Rock, Jazz, Blues or even Hindustani classical music.

The 2nd edition of the festival will be held on Saturday, October 5th at the Palms club. It will feature the following events –
Jazz & electronic music
Chenda drummers from Kerala
Storytelling sessions for children around the Tabla and a Flute
A Carnatic percussion ensemble
Open Mic stage for parents and kids to perform on.

Along with this, school bands from Heritage and Shiv Nadar School as well as music schools such as One World School of Music will perform live.

During all live performances, instruments will be handed over to parents and kids so that they can play along to the music and understand how each instruments function, making it a highly interactive experience.

All performances are curated specially so that they can be enjoyed by both parents as well as children. Besides, music there will be instrument building workshops, bucket drumming workshops, a percussion zone for kids to pick and play with instruments from all over the world, a science & music zone and art walls across the entire length of the festival.


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