‘Howdy Modi’ Highlights: ‘Time has come for a decisive battle against terrorism,’ PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s community event in Houston, Texas state is a huge success which saw the presence of not only US President Donald Trump but also many Senators, Governors, other political representatives, business leaders and more than 50,000 Indian American community leaders. 

The key highlights of Prime Minister Modi’s speech include the following:

  • “India has a friend in the White house”. Trump told me when we met for the first time. 
  • Currently not only new History but new Chemistry is being created. 
  • The response we received today is reflective of the achievements of the Indian American community and the power of 1.3 Billion people. 
  • Unity in diversity is the identity of our vibrant democracy. 
  • Last few years, India’s image has changed. Socio- economic indicators have changed and propelled India on to its new path. Now Indians are busy building a ‘New India’. 
  • Ease of living is as important as ease of doing business. Quality of life is improving. 
  • Economic growth has been improving. Average GDP growth in the last five years has been 7.5%. 
  • Governance processes improved. Corruption is being challenged everyday. Services are being offered everyday in a transparent manner.
  • Indians are bidding farewell to many things. This 2nd October we will be bidding farewell to poor sanitation across the country. This is a gift to the great Mahatma. 
  • Farewell to Article 370 has lifted the darkness out of J and K and Ladakh. Prosperity and development will be ushered in now. 
  • Pakistan is unhappy these days. Perpetrators of terrorism around the world, be in during 26/11 or even during 9/11. Terrorism and those supporting it should be crushed now and President Trump has agreed to work with us on this. 
  • 100 lakh rupees of investments in the infrastructure sector in the next few years. US $ 5 Trillion economy will need massive investments in the infrastructure sector and exports have to improve. 
  • Reduction in rate of corporate taxes has been welcomed by one and all. 
  • To the community members: you may be far away from India but your government is not. Ministry of External Affairs is improving its services and serving the diaspora well. 
  • Invite President Trump to India. 

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