How connected are we without our smartphones? This photographer tells us

When was the last time you left your phone for a few hours and felt like you are missing out on so much happening around the world? Now imagine if your screens vanish, you will most probably panic and feel lonely. This idea of a sense of isolation and disconnect from screens, not being around has destroyed our sense of reality as a connected society.

It has created a deceptive reality where we feel paralyzed without our smartphones. The side effects of gaming addiction, social media overdose, obsession with smartphones has left society lonelier than ever.

To capture the alienated world we live in, photographer Eric Pickergill edited the smartphones out of the photos across different countries to see how the world looks.

These photographs depict that there is an urgent need for us to realize how imperative it is to live in a world where we are connected to the people around us rather than technology.

How is it that we feel lonely when we can video call someone seven oceans away and everything is at our doorstep? The answer lies in the mere fact that humans are social beings and our gadgets are deterring us from having real-life conversations and exploring the world.

It is high time the society seeks the joy of physically being in the company of others rather than locking themselves in four walls and connecting with them through screens.


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