Did SRK donate money to Pak gas tanker accident victims? Here’s the truth

A video clip of a news report by India TV is being shared on social media claiming that Shah Rukh Khan has donated Rs 45 crore to gas tanker accident victims in Pakistan.

“इस हलाला के पिल्ले की हरकत तो देखो
इसका फ़िल्म देखना हिंदुवो के लिए हराम होगा ” the text attached to the video read.

At the time of filing the report, the above post had around 18,000 shares on Facebook.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the video clip, we found it to be misleading.

When we search for the video on YouTube with the keywords ‘India TV Shahrukh Khan 45 crore’, we found the original video titled, ‘ Aaj Ka Viral Video: Shah Rukh Khan donates 45 crores to Pak gas tanker accident victims. ‘

The original video is 6:36 minutes long where that viral video clip has been taken from time code 1:45 minutes to 2:42 minutes of the original video.

Upon watching the full video, it became clear that the news report was busting the viral fake message that was doing rounds on social media.  At 5:47, the reporter states that SRK’s media team has denied the news that he donated Rs 45 crore to Pakistan, confirming that the viral message is fake.

The above information proves that the viral video is misleading as it is just a small chunk of the original video and the clam attached to it is misleading.

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