Similarity between the Moon and Gurugram? Potholed roads that resemble craters

Similarity between the Moon and Gurugram? Potholed roads that resemble craters

In a recent video that went viral on social media, a man dressed as an astronaut was seen walking on the surface of the moon (in line with ISRO’s latest moon mission). It was only a few seconds later does one realise that the surface isn’t that of the moon but of a potholed road in Bengaluru. The idea behind the video was to shake public apathy regarding the civic situation in the IT city.

However, the situation in the millennium city of Gurugram isn’t very different too. Gurugram’s road reality is an open secret. Potholes, terrible road conditions because of rains, acute water logging, rash driving and other issues are an everyday problem here. Some of Gurugram’s key arterial roads which house several schools and residential condominiums are full of pot holes that resemble the moon craters.

Worsening of roads due to rains is another perennial problem, that the administration just doesn’t want to find a solution to. Add to this, rash driving by dumper trucks and long trailers and the civic mess of the city only gets compounded to dismal levels. Yet, the city’s administration turns a blind eye to them.
Take the example of the Golf course extension road, also known as the southern peripheral road and a very important road linking the whole of Gurugram. The road is in shambles.

Time for the Gurugram administration to wake up to the need of the hour. Civic conditions need immediate improvement.


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