Congress posts video of Haryana CM; seen threatening aide with dire consequences

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Congress posts video of Haryana CM; seen threatening aide with dire consequences

The state of Haryana goes to polls soon, along with the states of Maharashtra, and Jharkhand amongst others and to add to the election tempo, Congress leader Randeep singh Surjewala has tweeted a two minute video of the Haryana Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar.

In the video, CM Khattar is seen holding an axe in his hand and threatening to behead his aid who tries to crown him during a road show. He is seen telling the public how it can be used to destroy enemies. Just then, a BJP leader standing behind CM Khattar places a crown on his head. Angered by the act, the Haryana CM turns with the axe still in his hand and threatens to chop off the BJP leader’s head. “What are you doing? I will chop off your head. Move aside,” an angry Khattar is heard saying even as the BJP leader apologises for his action.

Congress leader, Randeep Singh Surjewala, lashed out at CM Khattar. “Anger and ego are harmful to health. Why does Khattar sir get angry?” Surjewala asks.

This is not the first time that Khattar has lost his temper. Earlier, the Haryana Chief Minister had pushed aside a man who was trying to take a selfie with him at an event in Karnal. Questioning the behaviour of the Chief Minister, Surjewala wonders what awaits the people of the state who have voted for the BJP and Khattar. The CM has defended his conduct and has brazened it out.

It needs to be seen what effect this video has on the election results in the state of Haryana.


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