‘Life is waiting for you, it’s always worth it’: World Suicide Prevention Day

Globally at least one person takes their life every 40 seconds and more people die by suicide every year than in war, the World Health Organisation said.

Hanging, poisoning and shooting are the most common suicide methods, the WHO said as it urged governments to adopt suicide prevention plans to help people cope with stress and to reduce access to suicide means.


There have been enormous movies and TV shows like ’13 reasons why’, where people are able to connect to the characters because they have felt the same. It is imperative that people who feel like they want to commit suicide are heard out, have a platform to talk and are not categorized as mad. A feeling of worth and belongingness should be instilled in the individual who is having thoughts about death.

Some of the early signs of feeling suicidal are: when people lose interest in activities that they enjoyed before, they no longer have the zeal or energy to carry out the regular task or simply get out of bed. It is necessary that they are provided with the support system and the medication for the same.


Also, the awareness about going to therapy, talking about self-harm and reaching out to psychologist is rising for the millennials and people are coming talk with their stories.


Many NGO’s and government schemes are in pipeline to help people come out of the dreadful talks and make them value their life.



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