No school bags on Saturdays: Manipur govt’s exemplary move

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No school bags on Saturdays: Manipur govt's exemplary move

Manipur government’s recent decision to declare every working Saturday as ‘no bag day’ for students of class 1 to class 8, has been received successfully by the people of the state. The same applies to government, government-aided as well as private schools.

The reason behind the initiative was to lower the physical and mental effects of carrying heavy bags, with an aim to promote other skills apart from textbooks.

The BJP-led government has directed all schools to ensure that students take part in extra co-curricular activities, games, sports and indulge in recreational activities to make school a more joyful place for learning on all working Saturdays.

N Biren Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur, said, “the world is changing so fast, we must give some liberty to children. After due consideration, the education department took the decision.”

The Manipur government’s ‘No School Bag Day’ initiative has received a good response from students, some school authorities and parents.

Nowadays school children have to carry such heavy school bags with books. This initiative helps to lower the burden at least on one day of the week. The children are often tied down because of assignments, homework and competition. One day, away from the routine, will give them time to concentrate on extra circular activities.

The government has also directed the schools to ensure that students take part in extra co-curricular activities, games and sports.


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