Be environmental friendly: Simple ways to avoid plastic while traveling

Simple ways to avoid plastic while traveling: Be environmental friendly

With the Indian government pledging to do away with single use plastic by October 2nd, it’s time for all of us to get up to this stark truth that faces our environment. The pressure on our universe because of plastic usage is humongous and we need to be mindful of this.

So, if you’re someone who is concerned about how much single-use plastic you’re using, then adopt these practical ways even when you are traveling out of your city. After all, each small step counts.

Some examples of single use plastic are –
Utensils (forks, knives, spoons)
Coffee cup lids
Water bottles
Take out containers

So, how to reduce the usage while traveling –

Carry reusable utensils and straws
This is simple. Buy paper straws or steel straws that are in vogue nowadays and carry them in your bag all the time.

Carry reusable bags
Keep a foldable bag in your purse for use when you are out shopping. Cloth bags work very well too. Use old shirts to recycle and create bags.

Ditch plastic water bottles
This is the best and easiest. Almost one million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide by the minute. Instead of filtered water bottles, go for portable bottles made of steel or aluminium.

Say no to plastic packaged food
A variety of eatables that you buy to munch while travelling are packed in plastic such as chips, chocolates, nuts, nutrition bars, or soft beverages. Alternatively, carry fruits that can be packaged in non-plastic boxes or cloth bags. Mangoes, bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes could be good choices of fruits to carry while travelling. Not only will it healthy but also eco-friendly.

A restaurant in Pune delivers food in steel boxes since plastic ban

Plastic-ware boxes for food
Replace plastic-ware containers with glassware or steel ones and stock up your food to carry while travelling in them. Some good brands offer glass containers similar to plastic ones and ensure the health and a clean environment.

Bring your own coffee mug or skip the lid
Travel with a reusable coffee and tea mug. If that’s asking for too much, then at least do away with the lid, especially if you’re drinking coffee/tea. According to Earth Day Network, 500 billion disposable cups are consumed every year!


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