Teenage daughter kills father with help from boyfriend; wanted ‘freedom’

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Bengaluru: In a nerve wrecking incident that occurred in the city, a 15-year-old girl murdered her father and set his body on fire.

The girl has been arrested on charges of murdering her father, with the help of her 19-year-old friend, who has also now been arrested.

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As per reports Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) N Shashikumar confirmed that the girl was angry with her 41-year-old victim father, a well known clothes merchant, because he was against her ‘friendship’ with the boy. He had allegedly beaten her up a few days back over this matter.

The murder was discovered after neighbours saw smoke spewing out of their house in the city’s upscale Rajajinagar locality at 10:30 am on Sunday. The fire department was alerted and they helped douse the fire soon after. The fire had broken out in the bathroom of the multi-storeyed house. It was then, that the firefighting personnel noticed the victim’s half-burnt body lying on the floor.

He was alone at the time of the incident. His wife and younger son were away to Puducherry to attend a wedding. The girl, who came back home a little later, told the police that she had gone to have breakfast at a relative’s house but soon changed her statement and said that she came to know about the incident after returning from her morning walk.

She and her friend were arrested after a forensic examination confirmed the victim’s identity.

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According to reports, the girl had added sedatives to her father’s glass of milk and once he started losing consciousness, she and the co-accused allegedly stabbed him several times with a knife. Police claim that they then poured petrol on his body and set it on fire.

The girl, wanted her ‘freedom’ back, and later revealed of an episode when her father belted her for dating and cut off phone privileges.

The boy is also a co-accused and apparently stabbed the father before setting his body ablaze.

The girl cannot be identified according to the law as she is a minor.

The two youngsters became close friends when the girl was in class 7 and the boy, identified as Praveen, was in class 10. They continued their friendship even after he moved to college.

As per reports, the two have confessed to the killing. The murdered businessman’s wife is in shock and has since returned from Puducherry. She has reportedly told the police that their daughter could not have committed the crime.


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