Seven simple ways to ditch the use of plastic in our homes

7 simple ways to ditch the use of plastic in our homes

Finally, the world has woken up to the perils of plastic usage and its impact on the environment. Communities, countries, even cities at local levels are giving up the usage of plastic.
Each one of us, in our own way, can contribute in making the future of our generations more secure. Afterall, every drop of water counts in the ocean and hence each step towards changing this mindset can make it possible to achieve the larger goal.

Here are some ways that we can do away with plastic in our homes.

Change the bottles –
Replace the plastic bottles with glass, steel, copper and aluminium. Not only are they healthier options but are better for the environment too.


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Straws can be given a pass –
Plastic straws have been spoken about a lot and even though most restaurants have moved away from it, we still need to make the change in our own personal lives. First question to be asked is – why do we need a straw in the first place? Go back to the good old days of drinking straight from the container. Use glasses if necessary. Or else move to paper or steel straws that are easily available in the markets now.

Replace plastic garbage bags –
This is also a big source of creating carbon footprints. Ditch the plastic ones. Use the dustbins directly. This way, they will get washed every day and hence enhance the cleanliness aspect also. Now a days, biodegradable garbage bags are also available.

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Don’t cling to cling and foil wraps –
They are so harmful yet used so commonly. Leave the usage and move to healthier options like beeswax wraps that are available in the market. Better still, use cloth napkins to wrap food in. This is the best way.

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Leave the branded sanitary products –
Increasingly, the ill-effects of women’s sanitary napkins is becoming a realisation and women world over are moving to better alternatives. Leave the comforts of easy and handy sanitary napkins and tampons and move to cloth pads, bio degradable options and menstrual cups.

Use incense sticks –
Air purifiers come in plastic bottles and hence should be avoided. They also contain chemicals that are harmful. Go back to the good old ‘aggarbatti’ that is made from natural sources. They are more organic.

Carry a reusable shopping bag –
Most shops are moving to paper or cloth bags. Ensure that you remind others who still give plastic bags to stop the practice. Don’t accept them. Carry a reusable bag when you go out shopping.


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