This TV show was filmed in India and it beat the Super Bowl record

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This TV show was filmed in India and it beat the Super Bowl record

It was supposed to be a television debut to watch out for but that it would garner record-breaking impressions on Twitter, was the unexpected.

Delbert Shoopman, EP & Co-Creator of ‘Running Wild’ and ‘You vs Wild’ has tweeted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ’s debut show on ‘Man vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls recorded 3.6bn impressions on Twitter on August 12. The number is only increasing since then.

The show was telecast at 9 pm on August 12, 2019. It was shot at the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. The show has achieved the status of being the most trending televised event not just in India but around the world too.

In his tweet, Shoopman also gave a reference to Super Bowl 53 which recorded 3.4 billion social impressions for the game itself. PM Modi’s show surpassed this record.

The show was in news right from the time it was announced by Bear Grylls via a tweet. The show premiered on Discover channel as an exclusive and has been trending under the hashtag #PMModiOnDiscovery. It stirred a Twitter storm and everyone was curious about it from the time it was announced.

According to Discovery, with over 1.2 billion impressions on Twitter (on July 31), #PMModiOnDiscovery was one of the most used hashtags on Twitter used to promote a television show ever.
In less than 12 hours since the tweet first made an appearance, the hashtag had reached 728 million people through over 204.2K mentions by more than 206.2K users, as per data from global media intelligence firm Meltwater.
#PMModiOnDiscovery was the top trend in India on the day of the announcement and it also made waves globally by entering the elite top 3 trends.


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