NewsMobile Exclusive: 10-yr-old goes missing while playing; no clue of him even after 2 weeks

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New Delhi: A 10-year-old boy disappeared from near his home on Friday, July 19. The boy, Harkesh Yadav, who lives in C-2 block of Aya Nagar near Arjan Garh metro station, had gone to play in a nearby park but disappeared after that.

When NewsMobile, first received a tip-off about the case, it was told to us that four boys had disappeared on July 19 but when we further investigated the matter and spoke to the area Councillor, Ved Pal, we found out that only one boy i.e. Harkesh is missing.

We also talked to Harkesh’s older brother, Rajesh Yadav. He told NewsMobile team that Harkesh went to play in a nearby park on July 19 evening but did not return home.

10-yr-old Harkesh Yadav

He added that his younger brother was last seen with three boys, who live near their home, in a black Eco car at Gujjar Chowk near Arjan Garh metro station.

Rajesh, the elder brother of the missing boy, also alleged that the three boys around 15-16 years indulge in drug activities and had been arrested for such crimes in the past too.

When asked if he suspected any person(s) for this, Rajesh told NewsMobile, “I don’t have any doubt on anyone, however, they (three boys) took my brother with them.”

The family on July 22 had registered a complaint at Fatehpur Beri Police Station Junapur Village after Harkesh did not come back home, police said. And since then, there has been no clue of Harkesh.

Police told NewsMobile that the search for Harkesh is still on but there is no development in the case.

When asked about the three other missing boys, with whom, according to Rajesh, Harkesh was last seen, police said that no such information of other three boys was reported.

The family also inquired about Harkesh several times at the police station but could not get any response from the police. Police told the family that the search for Harkesh is still underway and suggested to them to find Harkesh on their own, too.

Harkesh’s family also inquired about him from the families of the three boys, however, even the families did not have any clue about their children.

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