Intel unveils new AI chip system that can power autonomous cars

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Intel has unveiled a new deep-learning chip system that is capable of crunching complex AI algorithms up to 1,000 times faster and 10,000 times more efficiently than regular CPUs.

As Engadget reports, the new system, codenamed Pohoiki Beach, is made up of 64 Loihi ‘neuromorphic’ deep-learning chips, modelled after the human brain, and 8-million neurons.

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The chips are installed on a ‘Nahuku’ board that contains from 8 to 32 Loihi chips. The Pohoiki Beach system contains multiple such boards that can be interfaced with Intel’s Arria 1- FPGA developer’s kit. The system is aimed at making AI-enabled technologies such as autonomous driving, robotic skin, and prosthetic limbs more adaptable.

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