SpiceJet technician dies after getting stuck in an aircraft’s landing gear door

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Kolkata: In a tragic incident, SpiceJet technician, Rohit Pandey died after getting stuck inside the landing gear door of a parked aircraft he was working on.

The incident took place early on Wednesday at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata.

The body was later retrieved from the landing gear with the help of a fire brigade.

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SpiceJet has released a formal statement sharing their condolences for the deceased technician. They further shared details of the incident, stating that the technician, Rohit Pandey, had got stuck in between the hydraulic door flaps when the main landing gear hydraulic door closed. The hydraulic doors were broken to rescue the technician, but he was declared dead.

A police team visited the spot after the incident and have started investigation. And officer said;”Our officers have reached the spot. We are talking to other staffers of the airline who were present there. We are trying to understand whether it was a technical glitch or the result of someone’s callousness.”

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