DGCA announces updated regulations for monsoon safety

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New Delhi: On Wednesday, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, issued a set of new regulations that instructed airlines to follow several precautions during the monsoons and warned them of action in case procedures were not adhered too.

The DCGA in a statement said,”We are extremely concerned by the recent incidents of overshoot, skidding, hard landing etc. The Airlines have been advised by way of an Air Safety Circular yesterday on precautions to be taken by air operators while planning operations during monsoons.” Further, the DCGA has also issued instructions to the Heads of flight safety of different airlines and have asked them to include a new guideline in safety briefings for pilots. The express instruction asks them to refrain from uneasy landings during adverse weather conditions and for initiating a ‘Go-around’.

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Yesterday, a SpiceJet aircraft from Pune veered off from the runway at the Kolkata Airport, because of wet tarmac and heavy rainfall, the airline’s spokesperson had said. All the passengers and crew members on board were but the aircraft suffered minor damages.

With the city gearing up to witness its first bout of monsoon rains, it becomes important for airlines to take these safety precautions.

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