Mumbai: Doctor accused for allegedly filming a female patient during a hair removal procedure

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A Lokhandwala-based doctor was booked by the Oshiwara police on Friday, June 28, for allegedly filming a 27-year-old female patient while she was undergoing a hair removal procedure at his clinic in Andheri, Mumbai.

According to Police reports, the patient had visited the clinic for the scheduled procedure, as part of which she had to take off her clothes in the presence of the doctor’s three female assistants. During the procedure, the patient spotted a camera installed inside the smoke detector on the ceiling, she immediately stopped the procedure and left after taking a picture of the hidden camera.

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The patient confronted the doctor over the issue, when the latter assured her that the camera automatically deletes recorded footage in 15 days. After which she reported an arrest at the Oshiwara police station.

A senior police inspector at the Oshiwara police station,Shailesh Pasalvar, confirmed the development over the issue. However, the three female assistants reportedly told the police that the woman was made aware of the camera before the procedure was started.

Further investigations in this case are being conducted.

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