How to embrace Delhi University when you come from a different city

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On Friday, July 28, Delhi University released its first cut off list. Apart from several who live in the city, many flock in from all over the country to find themselves a place in the esteemed institution.

After a vigorous race of competitive board examinations, the early school graduates dream of coming to DU. As a young fresher from a different city, there are many hopes and expectations that one rests on Delhi or DU.

So here are a few things one must consider when a fresher in DU and as a ‘newbie’ in Delhi-

1. A ‘smart kit’ must be prepared for the scorching heat in Delhi. [Kit: Sunscreen, cotton scarf and loads of hydrants]
2. Visit Sarojini Market for a cheap and new wardrobe in college (Stay tuned for for a proper guide to it next week!)

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3. Learn about the city, gather information about the city’s metro lines.

4. After two-three days in college, one must start exploring the city.
5. Make new friends with the diversity in the campus and your class.
6. Embrace identity, culture and your city.

7. Start learning about the campus (South or North)
8. If Seniors ask for an introduction, be confident and truthful.

9. Report anything that you feel is incorrect.
10. Last but not the least, one must keep a few tissues handy in the first week after joining college, as when the caregivers leave, it is mostly difficult to hold back the tears.

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above 10 points, a journey into a new city is always exciting and kicks in the adrenaline. So pack your bags for some fun and enriching college experience.

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