Five things you should get rid of from your house for a better vibe


There are a lot of items in the house that can house diseases and attract negative energy. Basic items can turn into toxic when used for a long time. Get rid of the clutter and these toxic items for a better aura.

Plastic bottles and boxes 

Ditch the plastic and go for steel and glass containers because they are much safer. Most plastics have PC or polycarbonate and may contain toxic chemicals. The toxins can cause heart issues, breathing issues and blood pressure problems.

Air Freshener 

Spraying air freshener only masks the stench and exposes you to a host of chemicals which can harm your health.

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Old Plastic Toothbrushes 

You need to frequently keep changing your brushes as they can host bacterias and even if you keep them around there is a scare of infection.  It is better to replace them with wooden brushes and keep frequently throwing them out.

Old clothes

Avoid the clutter as much as possible, if you have not worn something in over 3 to 6 months, then trash it or donate it.

Plastic chopping boards

Anything plastic in your house can host bacteria so it is best to minimise the use of plastic altogether. Even for chopping vegetables, it is better to switch to wooden boards instead which are naturally antibiotic in nature.


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