Must have dishes in the land of Awadhi and Nawabi food, Uttar Pradesh

Galauti Kabab

The next time you plan a trip to the land of Awadhi and Nawabi food, Uttar Pradesh, be sure to try these exotic dishes that you may find elsewhere, but not the same authentic flavour. If Uttar Pradesh in on your itinerary or a stopover for a longer journey, be sure to satiate your taste buds and mind with these amazing food items the place has to offer.

Kakori Kabab

Kakori Kabab is an appetizer that is made from the finest meat and spices added on to it and designed to melt in your mouth. Paired with green chutney, this a famous dish that is known all over India.

Tokri Chaat

Tokri Chaat means Basket Chaat in the literal sense. This dish is available all over Lucknow and made of deep fried snacks with many different chutneys and savoury items. Additionally, potato mash prepared with spices, chilli and coriander is also thrown into the chaat.

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Sheermaal is an amazing baked naan which is sweet. It is made with warm milk, sweetened with sugar and saffron but the great part is that it goes well with spicy items like Nihari or Kababs.

Galauti Kabab 


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Galauti Kababs are synonymous with Lucknowi cuisine and the aroma of the spices and the meat is all across the city. You must give this a try if you have not had this heavenly piece of meat yet.

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